Legend of the Sea

The sea around me can be murky sometimes, as if covered in a thick, dark fog.  Other times it is bright and beautiful, full of stunning creatures, all fully alive.  Once I enter that world, I never want to leave.

Although I live in the world of those who breathe air, I am in truth a mermaid.  As long as I can remember I have been drawn to water…to the water where untold beauty awaits the willing.

I end each day visiting my underwater world, dreaming of Atlantis that once was, looking and longing for my home.  I dive in and breathe in the water that converts my soul.  My flesh is comforted by the sensation of the water surrounding me, calming me. My movements become a dance of sheer joy.  What I see is indescribable.  How can I explain colors unseen by air breathers?  Or creatures with geometric shapes they could never imagine? 

What I can do is tell you that I have many friends here under the sea.  We play together, we swim, we dance, we laugh, we live, and we heal.  We swim through the seaweed that teams with life.  We talk to the shells that are as alive as we are. 

Family, connecting, working together are virtues of the sea.  As a mermaid I can be all that I was meant to be. I belong to a family that will love me forever for who I am.  The love I feel for my fellow sea creatures pounds in my heart, and bursts out through the love that I give back to them.  With all the pleasure that envelopes me I focus on being one with my mermaid self.

My air breathing family doesn’t always understand me.  They don’t get why I am so full of joy.  When I try to explain they look at my oddly.  I cannot expect them to understand because, as far as I know, no one else in my air breathing family is a mermaid.  There really is no way for them to understand.  An air breather can snorkel at the coral reefs for hours upon hours, taking in the beauty of the sea.  Yet nothing compares to a mermaid’s life in the water.

As an air breather my name is Carol.  I am 82 years old.  I have so much to be grateful for.  My family and my friends mean so much to me.  I have attempted to convey what I see and do as a mermaid, but can never quite find the right words.  Trust me when I say that Atlantis is real and beautiful beyond imagination. 

As an air breather I can bring to my little world of family, friends, and others the experiences I am as a mermaid and translate them to life on Earth.  Healing, love, trust, connection, gratefulness, joy, beauty are all amazing gifts to pay forward.  Even in the ugliness of what happens on Earth, I have hope because I believe we can all be mermaids.

………..Joyce (Mermaid in training)

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