Provoke: the word for today!


“You provoked me!” At first glance I sense a defensive response to an angry or at least inapropriate reaction. It’s an exuse! But what if, “you provoked me”, was used to thank someone for encouragement to do the right think. What if I changed my impression of the word provoke and started to use it as a way to say thank you rather than a defensive response to a negative reaction!

I can image telling my friend Deb that she provoked me to believe in myself.

I can imagine telling Bob and Judy that they have continually provoked me to be better, to keep pressing on as I work through some major issues!

I can imagine telling Jack my therapist that he provoked me to continue in therapy!

I can imagine telling my friends who have also come out of cults (Carrie, Gloria, Dianne, Micky, Jael, Vennie, and so many more), that they have provoked me to be more accepting of others and our differences. I love you all!

I can imagine telling other friends (Colleen, Cheri, Melissa, Kathy, Barbara, and many others) that they provoked me to come out of hiding within myself!

I can imagine thanking Matt and Denise and Kathy at GPA Mass (Greyhound Pets of America, Massachusetts) for proking me through their website to visit the adoptable greyhounds and having Chase available because we provoked each other. He provoked me to pick him. I provoked him by being available.

And of course I can imagine being so very thankful to Chase for provoking me to not only choose him to adopt, but to love him and care for him!

So let us provoke one another to do good! Let’s make provoking a positive experience! Thank you WordPress for provoking me to write this!

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