The Best I Can

I wonder what it means to be understood! I find it difficult to talk to most people about my issues because the reason for them is difficult to explain! If you have ever been in a high demand relationship you will understand my question!

Statements from others along the line of why did I stay? Why did I stay so long? Why did you get in that relationship at all?  And I never would because I have the Holy Spirit! People can be “duh” when it comes to making statements about things they know nothing about.

Spiritual abuse is nothing to make light of. It can’t simply be overcome by quoting the truth. There is so much that goes on in our brains! It’s too much for me to explain. But I was told the answer was in the truth of God’s word. Yet I was abused by God’s word! You know how some women want nothing to do with men after they have been sexually abused by a man, well it’s like that with spiritual abuse.

First let me say not all spiritual abuse is bible based. Mine was. I have not lost my faith though. Yet exploring spirituality to me is similar to a sexual abuse survivor having to explore sex when they want nothing to do with it. The abuse was wrong and was a lie! I know who the father of lies is! But is it really as simple as quoting the truth?!?

If it were then we would be quite inspired by the many encouraging, uplifting quotes out there. Just repeat your favorite quote and all will be fine……I don’t think so.

It’s not easy. This is difficult and takes the right people who understand and can be mentors and supportive. So I press on and live the best I can.

2 thoughts on “The Best I Can

  1. Hi Joyce. I understand!! That’s why finding a trusted someone (minister, therapist, etc) who does understand is so valuable and helpful. I’ve accepted that most people just cannot fully comprehend what we went through, and that’s ok, ’cause I don’t understand things that I haven’t gone through. And I agree with you, just quoting some sayings, no matter how thoughtful the sayings are, is not the answer. I have to do the work myself of re-discovering what I believe, and how I think the world works, in other words, my own spirituality. You are on a journey – just remember that the journey itself is worth it, is interesting, and can be fulfilling. You don’t have to “get there” to be happy, happy is a frame of mind you possess now – or as Christians say – The Kingdom of God is within.

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