The other day I was deep in thought wondering how I could help a friend more than being there and listening. My friend almost lost her life just from a minor surgery! It was so scary for her, her family, and me!

I was thinking about what has helped me in times of duress. Kindness is something that has helped me many times and is at the top of my list! Often helping me turn from making a bad decision. Listening is huge! Words are huge! Attitude is huge! Most of all prayers.

I tend to not know what to say when under pressure but I do know I want to be encouraging! Then this came to me:


  • Every
  • Nomenclature
  • Contains
  • Our
  • Unique
  • Range
  • At
  • Genuine
  • Enthusiasm
  • Meant
  • Every
  • Next
  • Time

I give credit to my friend who has been fighting for her life for the word “Next”. I could not come up with a word but she did! And she is getting better!

For those who read this leave a comment about how you have felt encouraged recently or how you might encourage someone else or even yourself.