pressing forward

Yesterday this phrase popped into my head.  “Pressing forward”.  I mulled over what that means to me and discovered a couple of simple metaphors.  I pictured my dog Bob, a 120 black Lab who never seemed to stop pressing forward when we were out for a walk.  He rarely stopped to smell the roses, so to speak.  He had a mindset that no matter what was before him, he was moving on, pressing forward, like how you picture a bulldog with the mindset of, “get out of my way because here I come”.   Then I pictured myself running through a cornfield with the towering plants surrounding me.  In that I can’t see outside the picture, but I can press through the rows of corn, getting prickled by the leaves as I go, but with the intent on getting through.  I must “press forward” despite the doubts and fears.  I must press forward through the doubts and fears.  I cannot see the complete picture before me, but I can imagine it.  Even when the ground is like sludge and I’m barely moving forward, at least I’m pressing on.

My next post – what it means to take a break.

One thought on “pressing forward

  1. Yes, so true. In the cult, we weren’t allowed to press forward into life at all. It was complete suppression and we were expected to conform to what the leaders gave us. There was no room for individuality or creativity. There was no pressing forward with MY life, just giving my energy and body to get done what THEY wanted done. Now we can press forward with our own dreams. You go girl!

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