growing pains

I feel like I am struggling to get out of my cocoon.  It’s time to believe in myself.  It’s time to implement the tools to change.  I have no more excuses.  I’m uncertain about this new world of mine.  Will it be safe to truly live?  Will I be able to stretch my wings and fly?  I can only try.  I can only press forward.  I cannot go back into the cocoon of darkness.  The return button is gone.  I’m scared to move forward, but I’m more afraid to go back.

4 thoughts on “growing pains

  1. You are a butterfly, and you can fly. 🙂
    The pain of mistakes in the real world are so much less than the pain we have already experienced.
    You will realize how strong you are as you go forward.
    I love that phrase “the return button is gone”.

  2. We were talking to day of filling yourself with more things you truely enjoy. I really dont know what those are… but it is scarey to explore and figure that out. But there is a freedom in knowing you can and stretching your wings to fly!! It is a journey to change ,but I know there are things out there I long to try. Now I know I can succeed. Believe in You. God does and so do I!!!

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